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Looking for Sarasota and Venice FL landscaping? One of the best decisions you can make as a Florida property owner is to use some Sarasota landscaping for your land and lawn around your home. At State of the Art Landscaping, we are the Sarasota landscaping experts! You will be helping to control the environment as well as making your lawn fit in with the efforts to keep the waterways, soil, wildlife, and natural elements of Florida growing and safe. By using the right landscaping techniques you will be using your soil wisely, providing shade and beauty for your property, building a natural habitat for wildlife, and providing the proper elements for water run off. Every step you take to improve your property will add to its value and help to keep the environment clean and and your Sarasota landscaping safe for years to come.

With the new irrigation laws for the state of Florida, home owners are now using the right type of plants to protect the soil, use less water, and save on energy costs. Using the right type of plants will require less water, less fertilizer, and fewer pesticides and less maintenance. It will cost you less money to maintain your property and yet still look very attractive. A Sarasota landscaping friendly yard is very flexible to landscape and you can use many different types of plants to create your own unique landscape for your property.

The first step in the process is to do a complete analysis of your property. Select the plants you want to use and then draw out the bedding areas. Correct any drainage problems, fix any irrigation issues, and select your tree locations. After your inventory of plants and trees you can then begin to plant your beds at your key locations for your Sarasota landscaping.

Map out your total plan on a large sheet of paper and try to keep it to scale. This will help you to visualize your plan and your outdoor land. If possible have your soil tested and look for areas with drainage issues. This will help you decide which plants go where. Take note of sun and shade spots so you can use your plants wisely according to sunshine needs. Make sure to do some research on Sarasota landscaping so you will know which plants do well in shade and sun and which plants do well with little water and heavy water. Again this will help you make your decisions about plant locations for specific beds.

When choosing plants put them into three categories. Trees, shrubs, and ground-cover plants are the most common categories for plant life. Pay attention to how much room they will need to grow and expand as well as water, sun, and shade requirements. Plant them accordingly. Use plenty of mulch to keep weeds away. Mulch also looks very attractive and will allow your plants to grow easily.

Make your plant beds visually attractive through the use of color, texture, and location. You will want your plants to look good and stay healthy. Make sure they blend together and can survive through the environment you create. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your professional experts wherever you purchase your plant life. Make sure to allow for walkways, dog runs, patio areas, and play areas. This is why it is important to map out your entire landscaping project.

Try to learn as much as you can about bird life, bees, insects, and pests in relationship to the plants, shrubs, and trees you may use. Place taller plant life in the back and the shorter plant life in the front. Make sure to estimate spacing and allow for plenty of growth room and mulching zones. Do not over-crowd your plant life. If is easy to go back and fill-in needed areas versus taking plants out because of crowded conditions.

The development of a master plan for your project should be exciting and enjoyable. It may take several years for you to complete the total plan for your vision. As you gain experience you will become much better with the right plan for the right look for your outdoor area. Keep your plan simple at first and then more complex as your vision starts to take shape. Before doing any digging always check with your utilities departments for any potential problems. Make your property the perfect version of Sarasota landscaping at its best for yourself and the world to view.

At State of the Art Landscaping Inc. we never charge for estimates, and you only pay when landscape meets your satisfaction. So give us a call at 407-492-2468 if you are looking for a free estimate on Sarasota landscaping.