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Here are some Sarasota sprinkler system tips.

If you live in South Florida, you know that the use of a Sarasota sprinkler system is required in order to keep the grasses green all year around. Many people enjoy looking at the lawn because it’s very soothing to be around that kind of surrounding. Without proper lawn irrigation, this would be impossible. When people stop on by and see what we at State of the Art Landscaping did to our clients lawns, they’re usually amazed at how great the plants look. We get lots of compliments from many people who would like to know some of the techniques we use to accomplish these results. Here some tips for you to use if you’re interested in having correctly irrigated turf.

Although we prefer more sophisticated approaches, here is one that you can use to measure the water distribution of your Sarasota sprinkler system. Place some empty tuna fish cans around your yard and see if the water collection levels are somewhat even. You need at least a 1/2 inch of collected water per automatic irrigation session. There is a fine line between of using too much and too little of it. You would drown out the plants with too much water while the other will dry out the plants due to too little water. This is however a scientifically limited test. A true landscape irrigation audit is software driven and quite time consuming.

Basically, you are trying to obtain as relatively even uniform water distribution profile as possible. Even the very best Sarasota sprinkler system designs (like the ones we put install) will never be one hundred percent efficient. It is theoretically impossible. If you ever speak to an irrigation contractor, ask them this question; “As a percentage, how efficient are the lawn sprinkler systems that you design?” If he answers “100%!” you are talking to a unqualified contractor, licensed or not. The absolute best efficiency physically possible for a Sarasota sprinkler system are as follows (and even these, depending on landscape layout and topography are not always possible):

1. Spray zones: 35 to 50%

2. Rotor zones: 50 to 70%

3. Micro sprays: 65 to 85%

4. In line drip and bubblers: 85 to 90%

As you can see from the above figures, drip irrigation is highly effective at conserving water and should be a part of every Sarasota sprinkler system.

Rain water harvesting using catchment systems work extremely well in saving not only Florida’s water, but helping with your water bill as well. Most people use the too much water on their landscaping which is not good for the lawn. The rainwater will hold more than enough water to irrigate your shrubs (mature trees do not need any supplemental irrigation.) They are cheap enough to buy and when connected to your gutter system, you should collect enough rainwater to water the plants around your home (not the lawn) in case you don’t want to use your Sarasota sprinkler system.

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