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What to look for in Sarasota landscape designers

Looking for Sarasota landscape designers? State of The Art Landscaping in Sarasota is the highest quality landscape designer in the South Florida area. Our vision can help any property owner select the plantings that best meet their individual needs. The process of matching plantings to the property needs and uses, while not simple, can be readily accomplished by using State Of The Art Landscaping’s Sarasota landscape designers who truly know the area’s climate, growth characteristics of trees and plants along with turf selections for shade, part sun and full sun. We bring your soil conditions to the proper PH and add soil amendments to all our landscape installations. This is usually an afterthought by our competitors, after the investment and time starts to decline. State Of The Art landscaping Sarasota landscape designers are experts at knowing just which plants will grow in the region. Further, State Of The Art Landscaping Sarasota landscape designers can work with property owners to maximize the natural advantages of the site while at the same time working around or improving a site’s disadvantages.

Generally, our Sarasota landscape designers will inventory the site to determine what plantings or features are currently present. When working with the property owners, State Of The art Landscaping’s Sarasota landscape designers can readily determine the landscaping styles a client prefers and which existing plantings or features can contribute to the site’s improvements. A professional designer will have the ability to envision potential improvements and communicate those proposed improvements to the clients.

In the actual creation of a proposal, our Sarasota landscape designers must consider a multitude of factors. Without fully considering the conditions present, the client may experience losses that negatively affect the over-all look and feel of the site. Soil types, topography, existing plantings, and access to water are all critical factors when determining the best possible plantings for a specific site.

State Of The Art Landscaping designers are cognizant of all elements of good design. Selecting plants that will coexist with existing plants that are to be retained is essential. Plants are much like people. Some of them do not necessarily get along, and will not thrive in close proximity to some other plants. A solid background in the science of matching plantings is one item that is often overlooked, but one that professionals will rarely ignore.

Soil testing allows us to better understand which plantings will thrive on a client’s property. Designers often find plantings that cannot really grow well where they are planted. Soil types can vary greatly within an individual yard, so testing to determine the current soil conditions are essential. Farmers discovered this years ago, and today’s farmers will always test soil conditions often to determine which planting will produce the greatest yield. Soil amendments may be used to improve soil conditions, but selecting the best plants for existing conditions is still paramount for a successful landscape design.

Many sites require remediation to correct poor drainage. Given the heavy rains that are quite common in the area, Sarasota landscape designers must be careful to avoid plantings that do not thrive in soils that do not drain well. Poor drainage is a common problem and is not always easily remedied. When the drainage cannot be improved, Sarasota landscape designers must carefully select plants that not only enhance the beauty of a site, but that can also survive with “wet feet.”

When water features are to be incorporated into the design, care must be taken by Sarasota landscape designers to select plantings that will not interfere with the maintenance of the water feature. Some water features will require special design considerations to reduce or eliminate the danger of erosion in the area around the water feature. Water features often incorporate water plants, which must be carefully selected to maintain water quality.

Weather conditions are also a factor to be considered. Sarasota landscape designers must select plantings that will perform optimally given the area’s weather patterns. The ability to withstand heavy rains and winds must be considered. Plants must also be selected to thrive within the minimum and maximum temperature ranges in the area. Shade conditions must also be considered, as home owners will rarely wish to remove shade trees. Therefore, plantings affected by the trees must be shade tolerant.

Even in a region where conditions are relatively constant may experience different climactic conditions in distinct areas. Micro climates do exist and create different requirements in areas within blocks of each other. Sarasota landscape designers are cognizant of this possibility and are trained to observe the surrounding properties to determine if specific plant types do well in the specific area. There are indeed myriad reasons to work with a professional designer when undertaking a landscaping project. While some believe that Sarasota landscape designers increase the cost of a project, the opposite is always true. By carefully planning a project, Sarasota landscape designers can make a difference, adding real value to a project.

At State of the Art Landscaping Inc. we never charge for estimates, and you only pay when your landscape meets your satisfaction. So give us a call at 407-492-2468 if you are looking for a free estimate from the best Sarasota landscape designers.